HR Business Partner Academy

Through its role, the HR Business Partner contributes to the better development of employees and their support in everyday business.

Likewise, this function contributes to the sustainable growth of income and profit, more efficient work and improvement of the necessary competencies for the implementation of a business company.

The HR Business Partner should possess a set of skills, broad comprehensive knowledge that are important to business, and in addition to be a diplomat and negotiator, to harmonize business and HR agendas. HR BP should focus on strategic areas that contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the business, the approach to business from the perspective of the broader picture and priorities, as well as credibility in the decision-making process. This is always a complex task as a rule.

HR business partners with good knowledge of HR processes can improve:


employee performance


their retention

In order to provide the most effective support, business partners must fulfill the following 4 roles:

strategic partner, intermediary between employees, support in emergency cases and the role of operational manager.

The HR BP Academy was created for HR professionals who want to further develop and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to become an effective HR Business Partner (HRBP).

Through 10 modules and continuous learning for 10 months, you will learn to improve the HR function in to the company.