What is actually HR function

What is actually HR function

by | Feb 26, 2022 | 2 comments

“Our employees are our asset or capital” is a common phrase. Companies use it in company strategy presentations or employer brand promotion. The question which arises is, to which extent tis is understandable to primary, high school or retired population. Who is dealing with this topic in companies and how?

The right answer is HR function, no matter how it is named depending on company: HR (Human Resources), People Management, HR & OD (Human Resources & Organizational Development) i.e. Title can be changed depending on focus, trend and similar, but the goal is the same – reaching additional competitive advantage through employees. Employees as right people at right positions, employees as partners whose value is upgrading and multiplying through years of experience and knowledge acquisition.

More and more often, we can hear about strategic role of HR, but actually does it mean? Companies set ambitious goals and create business strategy. HR function role is to create and deploy processes which will result in competency, productivity, innovativeness and employee (current and future) behavior for company strategy execution. HR strategy developed based on company strategy cascade is plan to determine organizational structure for goals achievement, attraction and retention policies, development, rewarding and other not less important components.

To make long story short in this intro article, we present you illustrative overview of key HR functions. Of course, depending on company structure, strategy and focus, HR function may vary from more complex to much simpler.


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  1. Lily Bridgers

    I appreciated you telling us that the HR department’s job is to develop and implement procedures that will lead to employee behavior (both present and future) that will support the execution of the company’s business plan. Later this year, my brother will launch a new firm, thus he must quickly recruit personnel to hire. I wish him luck in finding a trustworthy HR consultant for hiring shortly.


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