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O.U.R. HR is an abbreviation of the Organization of the United Work of HR, i.e. HR professionals, and for the younger ones it is simply “our” HR ☺ 

O.U.R. HR is an association of all HR professionals who are keen to contribute to the growth and development of the HR market, but also to create a better place to work for all employees

O.U.R. HR was founded by the HR Fabrika, but the complete strategic guidance and leadership is done by the Board, which consists of 9 Senior HR Professionals. Their work, knowledge, experience and commitment, has ensured their positions to lead this association.

O.U.R. HR single source for  financing projects, Meet Ups, Trainings and all other activities are client benefit packages. Board members and HR Factory representatives are volunteers in this project. 

O.U.R. HR Mission

As HR professionals, we have a mission to create a better HR environment and to be support in development of the HR market, HR colleagues and a better place to work for all employees..

O.U.R. HR has only one mission – to develop, educate and connect HR community through the activities of our Board and all HR enthusiasts. Through trainings, Meet-Ups, Conferences, Podcasts and articles, we want to share all the knowledge and experience of the best HR professionals from the country, region and the world and promote the HR profession as a function supporting development of all employees in the company.

O.U.R. HR Projects

Monthly Meet Up with hot HR topic and  relevant speakers

Monthly HR gathering, informal with coffee and one HR superstar as guest

Quarterly HR training moderated by top professionals

Two HR Conferences in April and October

Annual HR Teambuilding 

Annual HR survey

O.U.R. HR Board Members

O.U.R. Board Members

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