How important is an HR Business Partner

How important is an HR Business Partner?

by | Feb 26, 2022 | 2 comments

Within variety of HR positions, created out of need or in moments of creative inspiration, HR Business Partner always stands out. Main reason for that is different interpretation of this role. From pure operative to strategic one. Of course, that there is no definition and what to expect out of which function because it depends a lot on organization and size, but let us list some expectations from HR Business Partner:

  • Implements HR strategy for particular organizational part
  • Helps leaders identify the need for competencies and people
  •  Together with business leaders, analyze the current organization in the context of the strategy and work on creating the desired one
  • In accordance with the identified needs, direct the recruitment and selection process
  • Guide leaders in talent identification, performance evaluation and career development with the goal of keeping the right people in the right place
  • Lead the process and participate in creating of development plans
  • Create HR budgets and monitor implementation

OK, but what skills does HR Business Partner need to be able to perform job well? This part is most challenging because expectations do not match. It is often that first time HR BPs, think that it is expected from them to have regular meetings with leaders, summarize all leader needs, express understanding and then delegate for further execution.  In reality, it should not be the case and they should challenge leaders and it is possible if:

  • Are familiar with legislation from all HR related areas and internal policies
  • Know very well current organization (structure and people)
  • Are familiar with market situation
  • Follow HR trends
  • Have great business knowledge
  • Possess exceptional communication skills

It is not the end of the list. It is also good to:

  • Be a coach and consultant
  • Empower leaders
  • Direct in change management and transformation
  • Direct organization in desired organizational culture direction
  • Help in decision making based on specific data
  • Act as project manager in HR activities implementation
  • Promote company values

If we put it in this way, we can come to conclusion that HR Business Partner role (HR Manager not included), is most comprehensive and most complex role because it requires whole range of knowledge and skills. Having that in mind, HR professionals, do not rush and set good plan what you should learn before heading into HR Partnership direction. Be patient but steady, do not act as messenger only, but those who will emphasize the HR function and take it to the next level.


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Miljana is a graduated psychologist educated at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.

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  1. Elina Brooks

    I found it helpful when you informed us that it’s the role of an HR consultant to help business leaders create strategies for the organization and guide them when it comes to talent identification, performance evaluation, and career development to help retain the right people in the right place. My brother will open a startup company later this year, so he needs to find employees to hire soon. I hope he finds an HR consultant he can rely on for staff recruitment soon.

  2. Lily Bridgers

    It’s fantastic that you discussed how HR consultants support executives in talent spotting, performance grading, and career development with the aim of keeping the right people in the right places. Later this year, my brother will launch a new firm, thus he must quickly recruit personnel to hire. I wish him luck finding a trustworthy HR consulting service he could hire and be part of their growing organization.


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