About Jelica Radović

Senior HR professional with strong experience in the field of human resource management, mostly worked on the development of HR strategies and processes, rewarding employees, as well as establishing an outsourcing process within the HR function. She is proud to have built her HR career step by step, growing from finance through various human resource functions. Thus, she gained sustainable and broad knowledge but also an understanding of the role of HR in companies. Working in various, demanding industries such as banking, telecommunications, FMCG, and retail and consulting has significantly contributed to her comprehensive expertise, tailoring approaches, and agile thinking. During her career, she was in charge of leading large teams with which she established HR processes in large multinational companies, and her key areas of expertise are Strategic HR Management, HR Administration in Practice, Employee Relations, Specifics of the Law on Agency Employment in Practice, Compensation, benefits and rewards policies, Principles of organizational design, policies and job evaluation, Payroll and HR and regulations, Transformations, optimization projects and strategic resource planning, employee engagement and satisfaction research, Performance and talent management, etc.